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Daily linkathon 9/25

Think the emerging church is dead? Michael Patton argues otherwise. Ed Stetzer weighs in. Scot McKnight writes about the split-off of the emerging church he and Dan Kimball are co-heading. And Andrew Jones talks about the demise of the term ’emerging church‘.

iMonk on the missing voice of the Christian counter-culture.

Steve McCoy talks about his wife’s impending brain surgery and how those interested in what is going on there can keep track online.

Dan Phillips wrote a great article on our “dreadful, accountable freedom”.

Great conversation over at Challies’ blog on whether Christians should buy only from Christian bookstores over retailers like Amazon.

Ryan Couch gives his account of the Calvary Chapel Northwest Pastors Conference.

A sample of James White’s teaching notes.

Trevin Wax interviews Justin Taylor about the ESV Study Bible. The Taylor interviews give a great glimpse into the making of a study Bible.

Why Driscoll loves John Piper (undoubtedly in a manly heterosexual way) 🙂

Ligonier’s top five commentaries on Psalms.

Wendy Alsup, a female deacon at Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church, is blogging on issues pertinent to women. (HT: Adrian Warnock)

Al Mohler and Dan Edelen on the economic crisis.

Follow McKnight’s series on the gospel here.

Piper and the precious gift of baby talk.

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