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Book discussion: Crazy Love by Francis Chan, intro

Note: Today you’re reading what I normally plan run on alternating Thursdays here at BrianD Blog: a discussion of the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan (a discussion of Living the Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney will run on the other alternate Thursdays).

Who is Francis Chan, and why am I discussing his book, Crazy Love?

Allow me to answer the why first. I heard good things about him, and was impressed by the reviews I had read of Crazy Love (such as this one by Tim Challies).

Now to the who: Chan is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California. He may be best known in evangelicalism for a well-received talk he gave at the Catalyst conference in 2007 (you can watch a portion of it below, and you can read Jacob Vanhorn’s summary here).

He has also spoken during chapel services at The Master’s College (John MacArthur is the school president).

We’re going to start the discussion full-on sometime in the next week.

Meanwhile, get a sample of what Chan has written about from the book’s website; there, check out the videos for each chapter.

Hopefully, this will be a great discussion not just of what Chan is telling us, but what God is doing in us.

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