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June Linkathons

All of the links from this month’s Linkathons at Phoenix Preacher:

The PP closing thread at the Lugum blog can be found here.

June 16:

Denise Spencer: Sometimes life is just hard.

Thom Rainer’s seven mistakes he made in the ministry (HT: Zach Nielsen).

Watch the Southern Baptist pastor’s convention in Orlando online. (HT: Wade Burleson, one of numerous bloggers covering the event.)

Daniel Fusco is helping relaunch Calvary Chapel San Francisco.

Don’t try to be first, but be content with being behind the scenes, says Mark Driscoll.

Tim Keller continues his series on the future of American cities.

Dave Dorr: Firefighters – and Jesus – are for weak people.

Adrian Warnock: Real men do cry.

Tim Chester continues his series on why the sovereignty of God needs to be preached in depressed areas.

Nathan Finn reviews Rob Plummer’s 40 Questions about Intrepreting the Bible.

Chaplain Mike reviews Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity.

Tim Challies reviews James De Young’s Burning Down ‘The Shack’.

Driscoll’s ten things one learns about Jesus from the healing of the centurion’s servant in Luke 7:1-10.

Frank Viola on how he and co-author Leonard Sweet wrote Jesus Manifesto. And Viola on why Jesus Manifesto isn’t a recipe book.

Wade Burleson’s observations of Andy Stanley.

Scot McKnight on the (low) numbers of atheists.

Tony Jones on the tragedy of the TNIV.

Brad Greenburg on one newspaper’s confusion of the terms fundamentalist and evangelical.

Terry Mattingly looks at mainstream media’s coverage of the life of John Wooden and how his faith was covered.

Download a free PDF of Moulton and Milligan’s Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, courtesy of Jim Hamilton.

iPad fail.

June 9:

grab video from Village Church YouTube page

Matt Chandler believes he has been healed, and talks about it in his latest video blog post (HT: Christianity Today)

CCM magazine’s story on the passing of Christian rock legend Dana Key (including comments from his DeGarmo and Key bandmate, Eddie DeGarmo). DeGarmo was also quoted in a Memphis Commercial Appeal story on Key. Clay Crosse remembers Key, as does HM magazine’s Doug Van Pelt.

One of my favorite Dana Key songs, The Outlaw (which was a cover of a Larry Norman song):

grab video from YouTube

Click here to view the embedded video.

More D&K songs on YouTube can be found here.

Bill Kinnon on Jesus and megachurch pastors.

David Wayne’s tribute to Michael Spencer.

Mark Roberts and Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton on the Albert and Tipper Gore divorce.

Bob Kellemen on the brilliance and foolishness of Stephen Hawking.

Adrian Warnock’s notes on Ed Stetzer’s sermon on how to do church.

Ray Ortlund on being truly Reformed.

Bryon Mondok: Use it or lose it.

Steve McCoy reviews Adam McHugh’s book Introverts in the Church.

Christianity Today’s Timothy C. Morgan talks with Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of Son of Hamas.

Dan Edelen reviews The Jesus Manifesto. Which you can download from christianaudio.com for $2.95 through Thursday.

David Murray with suggestions for helping people figure out if they are called to the ministry.

Michael Patton on how theologically diverse one’s church should be.

Matthew Paul Turner on the scarlet app.

Ben Witherington’s final commentary on Lost.

Doug Wolter says prayer is all about relationship.

Shaun King on marriage.

Mark Lauterbach on books.

Jeff Robinson talks with Bryan Chapell about Christ-centered preaching.

The most helpful thing Justin Buzzard ever read about finding God’s will.

Jason Boyett on Ted Haggard.

Buzzard on how to leave a church well (mainly applicable to pastors and ministry leaders).

It’s a tough job market right now for Protestant pastors, according to this Ministry Today report.

New audio interviews by the Gospel Coalition with Eric Metaxas, Mark Driscoll and Dave Harvey, as well as the latest book reviews from TGC.

June 2:

Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet are interviewed about their new book Jesus Manifesto.

Michael Patton on why Christianity is not dependent on its adherents’ character witness.

A graphic showing statistics on internet pornography usage.

Dan Edelen on Christians, rage and powerlessness.

Kevin DeYoung’s likes and dislikes on David Platt’s book Radical, and Platt’s response.

Brazilian evangelists targeting North Koreans at the upcoming World Cup soccer tournament, from the Guardian.

About ten days ago, Matt Chandler preached the following sermon at Jubilee Church in London.  In it he preaches the gospel, focusing in on the parable of the prodigal son from Luke’s gospel.  Many readers will remember seeing Matt’s “Jesus wants the battered rose” illustration. If you want to see that illustration in context this is a good video.  It is vital that Christian’s expose themselves to clear gospel teaching often. This talk will make fresh for you the wonderful good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and their glorious implications for us today. I encourage you strongly to watch this, and watch it often, and allow this man of God to minister good to your soul. Grace will conquer legalism every time, but only if we allow ourselves to be shaped by anointed preaching such as this. Are we like the older brother? Do we really want our churches to grow? Or would we rather they stayed a small cozy family caring for our needs? What would a missional church mean for you and me?” – Adrian Warnock

Michael Spencer’s book, Mere Churchianity, is available now as a Kindle ebook download from Amazon and as a nook ebook download from Barnes & Noble; the paper version is due on June 15.

Michael Horton reviews N.T. Wright’s After You Believe.

Billy Graham believes he has one more sermon in him (HT: Todd Rhoades)

Streaming video of Paul Tripp’s recent Q&A at the Desiring God website.

Orthodox Father Ernesto Obregon – who was also one of the Liturgical Gangstas at Internet Monk – on Arizona’s immigration law.

Helpful things Justin Buzzard found to discern God’s will from Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Facebook depresses John Saddington.

Two critical reviews of Jesus Manifesto from Jason Clark and David Wayne.

Dolphins like iPads :)

The 100-plus blogs that Tony Morgan follows; this list may be helpful to you.

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