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666 watch

Because the End Times are upon us…and there are signs (I really need Photoshop by the way, to show you those signs. Or Buster).

Let me begin this blog’s 666 Watch by informing you of…a 666 watch.

Though no man knows the day nor the hour of Jesus’s return…you can know the exact second of your daily routine by wearing one of these nice, expensive 666 Barcelona watches. From Spain.

Yes, Spain, which just won the World Cup soccer tournament and whose former King, Juan Carlos I, was once considered to be a top candidate for Antichrist.

Imagine the places in which you could use these 666 Barcelona timepieces:

At work to the guy who’s gushing about his new iPhone4 or Motorola Droid (“hey dude, do YOU have a 666 app on your iPhone? No? Didn’t think so).

At home. Helps you and your family remember the end times clock literally is ticking down at this particular moment. And what kid really needs a Swatch, or for that matter a phone? Get them something the church youth group parentstheir church youth group will really talk about 😉

At church. Yes. I’m serious. When people ask you what time it is after service, as they (and you) are figuring out how crowded Golden Corral or Red Lobster will be and how quickly they (and you) can tear out of the parking lot to get there, you can answer redemptively:

“What time is it? It’s the End Times. 666 is here. On my watch. Don’t worry, I’m saved, and it’s on my left wrist, so I’m not wearing the Mark of the Beast. But do you know how much time we all have, before the Rapture comes and the End Times come upon those who will be Left Behind? Speaking of Left Behind…are you alright with the Lord? You’re not backsliding this week are you?”

During every moment of free time you have. Go out, rouse up your best Ray Comfort impersonation, and show that watch to warn everyone of the coming Tribulation. Show them the watch. Show them the 666 on the watch. Then hit them with the 2X4 Spiritual Laws. Remember, every waking moment. Point to your left wrist. Then to their forehead, and right hand. Where would they rather have that thing?

Also, John Daly hit a 6-under 66 on Thursday in the first round of the British Open golf tournament and was among the leaders.

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  1. July 19, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    I picked up a 666 sighting from the Dow.

  2. BrianD
    July 19, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    But can Chuck Missler confirm that it is a sign of the last days?

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