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Linkathon 8/18, part 2

Scot McKnight talks with Brian McLaren.

Theologian Clark Pinnock died at age 73. Christianity Today tells us who he was. White Horse Inn links to some interviews. R. Scott Clark and Russell Moore comment on his life.

Brett McCracken’s article at Wall Street Journal on cool Christianity. Mars Hill Seattle Mars Hill Seattle, Gene Vieth, Ted Rosenbladt, David Zahl, Jason Stellman and Kevin DeYoung respond.

Chaplain Mike on the sad state of pastoral thinking.

Darrin Patrick on “the hybrid of both man and boy”.

Carole Turner on Anne Rice, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn and Paula White.

Tim Challies’ five reasons books are better than e-books, and 5 reasons e-books are better than books.

Shaun King on why honesty is tricky for a pastor.

Mark Driscoll’s 18 lessons from 18 years of marriage.

The Gospel Coalition asks four Reformed theologians what they would change about seminary.

The latest issue of Themelios is out.

R. Scott Clark with resources and links for those tempted by N.T. Wright’s theology.

Gene Vieth on Christianity fever in China.

Scotty Smith’s prayer about his distracted heart.

One list of the top books every “young influencer/leader” should read (HT: Terrace Crawford).

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  1. August 20, 2010 at 2:32 am

    #17 on Mark Driscoll’s list made me smile:
    “Encouragement is to a wife as water is to a plant”
    It might be cheesy enough for a greeting card, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true!

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