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Linkathon 8/25, part 1

Ray Ortlund on what it means to be truly Reformed.

Tullian Tchividjian on uniting two very different services at his church.

Jonathan Merritt on why his generation doesn’t care about Proposition 8. HT to Phil Johnson, who comments on the article.

Lisa Robinson’s gripe with Word/Faith theology.

Shawn David Young at Patheos on the future of CCM (HT: Tim Challies)

Alvin Reid on practical Darwinism within the church.

Mike DeLong on Rushdoony, reconstructionism and Francis Schaeffer.

A month of manhood through the lens of Mars Hill Church Seattle.

Steven Furtick says the battle is not always the Lord’s.

Brad Greenberg on the gospel of Katy Perry.

Ed Cyzewski: Can theology wreck one’s faith?

Andrew Marin on his recent appearance on Moody Radio.

Jared Wilson on stealth prosperity gospel and spiritual greed.

Trevin Wax on how the church prepares you for Judgment Day.

Kim Riddlebarger eulogizes The Call lead singer Michael Been.

Online impersonators could soon be in legal trouble.

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