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Linkathon 9/8, part 2

TULIP doesn’t = Reformed (HT: Mike Macon).

Trevin Wax talks with former megachurch pastor Bob Russell.

More on the WTF church from Marc Cortez, who gets a HT for the next link.

The WTF church blog (apparently, it’s an outreach to college students from this Albuquerque church).

Five T-shirts Andrew Jones says you’ll never see in the Bible Belt (caution: includes a mention of the ‘F’ word, but no ‘WTF’).

Tim Challies reviews Darrin Patrick’s Church Planter.

How specifically should a husband confess lust to his wife? (HT: Challies)

Tyler Wittman on the rhetorical violence of the COEXIST bumper stickers.

Jonathan Dodson’s four ways to know one’s city.

Doug Wilson on church membership (HT to the City of God blog, and HT on that link to Bill Kinnon).

David Sessions: Why moral revival will never change the world.

Lisa Robinson on decision-making and Spirit-led direction.

Father Ernesto on the truth about bloggers.

New York Times columnist David Brooks on SBC pastor David Platt (HT: Denny Burk).

Michael Hyatt compares the iPad, Kindle and other ebook readers.

Helpful resources on atheism from Ligonier.

Darryl Dash: Called to be tired?

An incredible film of a San Francisco street from a century ago (HT: Broken Sidewalk).

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