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Linkathon 9/29, part 1

The Gospel Coalition released a video of Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald and Mark Dever talking about the positives and negatives of multi-site churches. After you watch the video, if you like you can read Steve McCoy’s critical response to the video.

Al Mohler on the Eddie Long scandal here and here.

Jon Acuff on how to react to church scandals.

Chaplain Mike doesn’t get why churches have to be so large.

David Fitch’s three signs “Christendom ain’t done yet” – one of which is the Harvest Crusade.

Keith Mathison’s recommended reading on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Why Al Mohler changed his mind on female pastors, as transcribed by Trevin Wax.

David Foster on the single biggest trend overtaking the American church.

David Sessions on “Americano futbol”, the Tea Party and “white unrest”.

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