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Linkathon 10/6, part 2

Rachel Held Evans on the very real trend of doubt

Dustin Neeley on how to fight clean over doctrine

Jim Hamilton on the CT feature on Albert Mohler (HT: Tim Challies)

Can people be saved apart from hearing about Jesus? J.D. Greear answers.

Justin Holcomb’s 12 ways to make your teaching and writing anti-Christian

Keith Mathison’s recommended reading on the doctrine of salvation.

Hi-res, online photos of famous paintings including the Last Supper

Matthew Paul Turner links to a very different portrayal of Mary Magdalene

Chris Rosebrough reviews Rick Warren’s talk at the Desiring God conference.

Frank Turk reviews the entire conference.

Mark Driscoll, talking with Neeley about humility and notoriety, touches on the topics (HT: Steve McCoy) he, Mark Dever and James MacDonald discussed in the Gospel Coalition multi-site video I linked to in a previous Linkathon.

Trevin Wax talks politics and faith with Joe Carter and Matt Anderson

Where contextualization in evangelical churches flies off the proverbial rails.

Sometimes, LOLcats should be seen. And not read. Like here 🙂

Finally, this is how a meat deboner works. If you are faint of stomach, you might not want to watch…the meat you see in the video is much less attractive than the DQ-esque picture from the link I posted yesterday 😯



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  1. Rob Murphy
    October 9, 2010 at 11:12 am

    Very great and funny links, Brian. I really like the famous paintings link and always enjoy seeing stuff like that. With four kids, it will be a while before I’d be able to save enough to travel and see things like that, so virtual tours are very budget friendly. The food prep stuff – I can’t not look at it, so nasty.
    Really always enjoy your links. Best thing on the ‘net for me.

  2. BrianD
    October 12, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks, Rob. Appreciate the kind words.

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