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Linkathon 11/3, part 1

From the Gospel Coalition

One year after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Matt Chandler looks back in an interview with Justin Taylor. (HT: Mike Anderson at The Resurgence)

Darryl Dash interviews Douglas Moo about the new revision of the NIV. Denny Burk commentes and links to a blog at Bible Gateway where Moo and others comment on translating the Bible.

Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade is coming to Seattle this weekend. And Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church will be there.

The Houston Chronicle looks at the New Calvinism (again, HT to Mike Anderson).

Mike DeLong on Mars Hill Albuquerque and Harold Camping’s radio network.

Michael Patton on how bad can a Christian’s doctrine be before he/she is no longer Christian.

Dan Edelen on evangelicals, elections and blindness to sin.

Jared Wilson on why social justice is necessary.

Michael Patton: The doctrine of the Trinity in a nutshell.

Tim Challies’ five great books on prayer.

Pat K. on the expectation of a second Reformation.

Mike Cosper: Creativity is rooted in creation. (HT: Zach Nielsen)

Josh Larsen on Clint Eastwood’s new movie Hereafter.

Lisa Robinson on Facebooking to the glory of God.

Deepak Reju reviews Dennis Johnson and Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book Counsel from the Cross.

Dick Staub on the movie Social Network, about Facebook (HT: Trevin Wax).

Kary Oberbrunner on God’s will.

Brandon Smith on whether the Internet is good for Christianity.

Jared Wilson on hyper Calvinism and hyper Arminianism.

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