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Linkathon 11/17, part 1

Sam Harris and Fast Company tell us all what the Bible got wrong. Matt Perman (HT: Tim Challies) and Justin Holcomb tell what that chart got wrong.

Matt Chandler update (HT: Zach Nielsen)

Ben Witherington on the decline and fall of the American empire.

Todd Rhoades asks if you are a three-strike pastor.

NO REFORMED MOVEMENT says Barna! Ligon Duncan comments.

Skye Jethani on whether the new Reformed movement is grassroots or astroturf.

Trevin Wax reviews Chris Seay’s The Gospel According to Jesus.

Scott Clark says it’s all about eschatology and history.

Mark Lamprecht on evangelical identity.

Dane Ortlund on how to qualify: know you don’t.

Darryl Dash on how the church changes social conditions.

Gene Vieth on the two different NIVs.

Ed Cyzewski on surviving church burn-out.

Bob asks for an end to Christian romanticism.

Petra is back…classic Petra, that is (HT: Challies, link at the very top of the page)

If you live in or visit England, there’s now at least one restaurant exclusively for dogs.




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