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Linkathon 2/9, part 2

Kirk Cameron and Living Waters show us that even nice cartoon characters can go to hell.

Terry Mattingly looks at the new iOS confession app and its coverage in a certain London newspaper.

Part 9 of Mike DeLong’s look at a recent Mars Hill Albuquerque sermon.

270 Christian martyrs per day, over the last decade.

A husband and wife going through the Mars Hill Redemption Groups.

Tim Keller: “The gospel-based community practices a view of family that is contrary both to the cultural idols of secular and traditional societies.”

Carl Trueman’s reading habits.

The church in Dubai.

Tim Keller gets his Max Lucado on.

Adrian Warnock on why you should listen to Jack Hayford.

Michael Dewalt says dispensationalists need to read their history.

Anthony Bradley on the Presbyterian Church in America’s need to grow beyond what he calls its core of “people who share similar cultural norms that fit within white conservative political and social customs and, in city centers, the norms of white and Asian elites”.

A conversation between John Ortberg and Dallas Willard.

Owen Strachan’s lessons in faith from the MTV show Jersey Shore.

Chad Estes: “He went on to share a leadership principle with me about observing the true insides of a man when they are being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. Most of the lesson was lost on me. I was too mortified by the realization that my morning’s whipping was not something that rose out of an angry moment but was actually a pre-planned hearing and punishment.

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