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Linkathon 3/9, part 1

Greg Boyd says a) Rob Bell is not a universalist and b) he actually read the book for himself.

NPR profiles Eugene Peterson.

Anthony Sacramone comments on the Huffington Post column opining that evangelicals hate Jesus.

James White on Rob Bell.

Jonathan Fitzgerald defends liberals’views of Scripture.

TonyP on well-intentioned pain.

Jim Hamilton on Rob Bell.

Mike DeLong on Matt Chandler.

Brad on Dallas Willard’s comments on scripture memorization.

Roger Olson on Rob Bell.

Jim Eliff on if God is still angry.

Michael Patton on Rob Bell.

Jerod Clark on how the TV show The Bachelor shapes cultural views of love.

Carole Turner on healing.

Scott Clark asks if desiring God has become a new law.

Efrem Smith’s 10 things evangelicals need to cease, via Scot McKnight.

Rob Wilkerson’s summaries of a recent Reformed charismatic conference that featured Elliot Grudem, Terry Virgo and Jeff Vanderstelt.

  1. TonyP.
    March 8, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Thanks for the link-up once again, Brian.
    I hope you’re doing good. Any prospects on a new church, perchance?

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