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Linkathon 4/13, part 1

CT’s Out of Ur blog, on a recent study that reports the majority of pastors polled don’t believe tithing is obligatory.

Want to watch/follow the Gospel Coalition meeting in Chicago? Go to Desiring God’s blog.

The Stuff Fundies Like blog comments on the recent 20/20 report on abuse within fundamentalist churches.

Matthew Paul Turner links to Jack Schaap’s response to that 20/20 report.

Tim Brister on the regulative principle and Highway to Hell.

Karl Giberson: Jesus would believe in evolution.

Part 2 of Mike DeLong’s look at Martin Thielen’s book What’s The Least I Can Believe and Still Be A Christian?

Part 1 can be read here.

Trent Hamm’s 75 things worth watching on Netflix streaming.

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