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Linkathon 6/29

Part One1. One group of Christians is pessimistic about the future, another optimistic.

2. Senseless economic cuts.

3. How p0rn changes sexual beliefs.

4. An open letter to North American churches.

5. Tales of the bureaucratic demonic.

6. Church planting myths part 1 (HT: Tony Morgan)

7. Multi-site churches go interstate.

8. Suicide, salvation and eternal security.

Part Two

1. Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris talk about creation care.

2. Michael McKinley’s book Am I Really A Christian, and why he wrote it. I’m curious as to others’ take on his viewpoint, and on the verse he quotes.

3. Bernie Taupin defends religion (HT: Jared Wilson)

4. Jesus doesn’t accept poverty and neither should His followers, according to this writer.

5. How to obey God when the feelings aren’t there?

6. Jim Walton on whether God is here for us or we’re here for Him.

7. David Hayward on the first step to healing oneself.

8. Jenni Catron on the church’s next great crisis: engaging young women.

9. Some good quotes compiled by Okie Preacher.

10. Ashley Judd says her Christian faith demands she work for social justice.

11. Should Ayn Rand be off limits for Christians?

12. Jack Van Impe left TBN because they didn’t like that he accused Rick Warren and Robert Schuller of practicing “Chrislam”.

13. Cathleen Falsani interviews Margaret Feinberg.

14. Are millenials conflichted about morality?

15. Jordon Cooper on his wife’s long battle with depression.

16. Matt Redmond’s biggest problem with Christian biographies.

17. You might be an evangelical reject if

18. Journalist, columnist and writer Sarah Pulliam Bailey is interviewed about her faith and her work.

19. Fred Clark looks to the Left Behind series for an example of how not to do evangelism (along with his suggestions on how to do it).

20. What Michael Patton has learned about blogging five years after he started.

21. Two different reviews of the movie Super 8, from Gabe Taviano and Josh Larsen.

22. Chaplain Mike Mercer (with help from the late Michael Spencer) says James MacDonald needs a church business meeting.



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