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Linkathon 7/27, part 1

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Sarah Pulliam Bailey on what you’ll see when you click on the above video. Warning: it contains such terms as “smokin’ hot wife” and “boogity, boogity, boogity”. 🙂

Tim Challies says John MacArthur wants the Young Restless Reformed to grow up.

Kevin DeYoung on Driscoll and “Effemigate”.

Tony Jones on the horror of Juarez being turned into a video game (of all things).

John Samson on how to know if you’re one of the elect.

Skye Jethani looks again at the question of whether mission “has become our idol”.

Ben Witherington on the Captain America movie.

Al Mohler’s 11 books every preacher should read in 2011. You have just over five months to finish up. 😉

Stephen Altrogge says being radical for Jesus is boring.

Part 2 of John Piper’s interview with Louie Giglio.

What is on the menu at McDonald’s around the world.


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Linkathon 7/20, part 1

July 19, 2011 2 comments

Linkathon – mixing the sacred and the secular 🙂

1. Skye Jethani: “To put it simply, many church leaders unknowingly replace the transcendent vitality of a life with God for the ego satisfaction they derive from a life for God.

2. The first review of the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system, codenamed Lion, from Electronista.

3. Pat Benatar: rock star, ’80s icon, author of a still-being-written novel on the second coming of Jesus (HT: Christian Nightmares).

4. Behold the greatest threats to evangelical Christianity, according to its leaders (HT: Chad Estes).

5. Which cities eat the most fast food?

6. Tim Challies reviews the book Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

7. Speaking of evolution, here’s a discussion at Jesus Creed on why God would use a period of 4.6 billion years to create life.

8. Ligonier interviews celebrity pastor Matt Chandler.

9. Chaplain Mike Mercer on another celebrity pastor, Mark Driscoll.

10. Pastor Brian Croft on shepherding a 106-year-old widow.

11. Chad Estes says you’re no sexual repairman.

12. Josh McDowell says the internet is the Christian’s greatest threat (HT to Todd Rhoades, who’s skeptical).

13. Borders is going bye-bye; Consumer Reports tells consumers what they need to do (use those Borders coupons, quick!).

14. The complete guide to Google+, from Mashable (HT: Zach Nielsen).

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Linkathon 7/13

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1. While the SGM drama continues on, another Reformed big dog has stirred up some controversy of his own.

Mark Driscoll posted the above on his Facebook page and, well, people had a response 🙂

People like Rachel Held Evans, who called Driscoll a bully and told others to stand up to him. People like Dianna Anderson, Chad Estes, Matt Redmond and David Sessions, who disagree with Driscoll and agree with Rachel, and people like Anthony Bradley (in the comments on Rachel’s article), Jamin Hubner and Jared Wilson, who don’t agree with Rachel.

By the way, that post reportedly has been deleted from Driscoll’s FB page.

2. Lee Grady on Casey Anthony.

3. Will Al and Ligon tell us NOT to read the Kenneth Copeland blog?

4. Dan Phillips on hardened hearts in Christians.

5. Esther on spiritual Stockholm syndrome.

6. Brent Thomas on Perry Noble.

7. Pastor Steve Gaines’s views on tithing, from another blog we’re probably not supposed to look at.

8. From the aforementioned blog, two book reviews.

9. Carl Trueman on urban theology.

10. Lisa Dye on God’s will.

11. Tim Keller talks about how Christianity will be best spread in the coming years.

12. Anne Jackson on her accountability team.

13. Why Chris Elrod gave up the green room.

14. Vladimir Putin sent by God? Perhaps not quite in the way they think. (HT: Boing Boing)

15. Does the church idolize monogamy?

16. Ten questions pastors should ask their wives every year, in one man’s view.

17. Space exploration as an act of worship.

18. Bob Kellemen’s 50 Christian blogs to bookmark.

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Linkathon 7/6

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