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Linkathon 8/17, part 1

A young woman talks about her experience growing up in the Christian subculture, through the lens of contemporary Christian music. HT to Denny Burk, who also offers his commentary.

Ed Stetzer on homosexuality, Willow Creek, and the future of evangelical response.

Matthew Paul Turner on the endangered species of evangelicalism: elderly people.

A memo to the “old, grumpy and Reformed”, and a response from the assumed “old, grumpy and Reformed” 🙂 (HT: Tim Challies)

Chaplain Mike on two contemporary churches that shut down the “show”.

Did 9/11 make America more or less Christian?

Matthew Lee Anderson on God’s “wonderful plan” for the human body.

Trevin Wax on an unnamed documentary he saw featuring part of a conversation between a pastor and an imam.

A four-year-old preacher. (HT to a regular Linkathon and PP reader)

Ten books Matt Redmond reads over and over.

Michael Robison on avoiding critics.

The numbers on the recent Harvest Crusade in Anaheim.

Joe Perdue doesn’t agree that men are to be the spiritual leaders of the home.

Five questions for an IMB missionary kid.

Chaplain Mike on Luther’s marks of the church.

Collin Hansen on Tim Tebow.

A Christian professional soccer team.

Jeremy Pierce on dominionismists.

An artist injected herself with horse blood.

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    Hey, Brian. Hope you’re doing good.

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