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Linkathon 1/25, part 1

In which I catch up here after not posting a thread in several weeks…

This week, we’re starting off with the Mother of All Links – part one and part two of the story of Andrew, a former member of Mars Hill Church in Seattle who was placed under church discipline, as posted on Matthew Paul Turner’s blog. Andrew does not paint a positive picture of his experience nor of the church’s response; you be the judge.

Now, onto a certain book that’s gotten a lot of attention lately….

Mark and Grace Driscoll wrote a book on marriage, which hit store shelves earlier this month. Now why would they write such a thing?

And which Reformed Blogger would critique it? Twice? Along with a seminary professor, an itinerate preachertwice – a former Mars Hill member and an egalitarian blogger/writer?

A Q&A Christianity Today did with the authors.

And, a CNN article on the book and surrounding controversy.

More reviews and commentaries:

Books & Culture

Chaplain Mike

Fuller Seminary’s The Burner Blog

Faith Village

Puritan Board

Dianna Anderson

Dianna Anderson

Mark Lamprecht

Credo Magazine (HT: Denny Burk)

Phil Johnson

The Life Oxford

Word Vixen

Practice of Piety

Christian Manifesto

Relevant Magazine

Emerging Mummy (HT: Bill Kinnon)

Eugene Cho (you’ll definitely want to read the comments)

Ed Stetzer

Doug Wilson

Warning – the book apparently discusses certain topics in an manner that readers may not be comfortable with or feel is appropriate for public discussion. The reviews address (and critique) those discussions, so keep that in mind as you read the reviews.

More commentary on Driscoll, mainly on his book Real Marriage: Ben Irwin (HT), David Fitch, Jonathan Martin, Dave Faulkner, Dianna Anderson, Darryl Dash, Matthew Lee Anderson, Matt Redmond, Joy, Wenatchee the Hatchet and Driscoll himself.

A partial transcript of the interview Premier Radio’s Justin Brierley did with Driscoll (HT), and the link to the full audio interview.

Bill Kinnon comments on the Driscoll/Brierley interview, as does Jason Stellman.

Back to non-Driscoll links:

One great article by Bill Kinnon, and another, and another, and yet another. And a fifth – add this guy to your RSS feed.

Frank Viola interviews N.T. Wright.

An excerpt from J.I. Packer’s recently re-released book with Carolyn Nystrom on God’s will is posted on Christianity Today.

Matt Papa – worship leader at an Acts29 church in North Carolina – pushes back at Christian radio and its “golden calf“. (HT)

A solid introduction to Eugene Peterson (at a non-Christian website).

One woman’s experience with church discipline.

Wade Burleson on the “fatal flaw within” the “Together for the Gospel men”.

Lauren Winner was interviewed by Christianity Today about her upcoming book.

C.J. Mahaney is “fit to return”.

Todd Bentley banned from going Down Under.

Books Christine Sine recommends.

Owen Strachan riffing on Mark Steyn: “Travel, good food and drink, and entertainment are in; children, sacrifice, and building something lasting are out. This is true of the West writ large, it’s true of many young Americans, and it’s influencing the church.  We’re reminded that we are called to something greater by God, to build grand and exciting and world-defying institutions like the Christ-driven family and the local church.”

Rachel Held Evans on evangelical celebrity.

How do you not notice a three-inch nail shot into your brain????? 😯

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