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Linkathon 1/25, part 2

Some follow-ups on the articles linked to on the Matthew Paul Turner threads on Andrew (part one and part two), a former member of Mars Hill Church in Seattle who was placed under church discipline:

Chaplain Mike Mercer offers a ‘better way’ of church discipline (the comments are well worth your while).

The brother of Andrew – the subject of the two posts – talks about his brother’s story at Matthew Paul Turner’s blog.

The Mars Hill Refuge blog has made its debut.

Fred Clark: “Any approach to “church discipline” that doesn’t allow for grace is bound to be as gracelessly cruel as that obscene “Mars Hill Church Church Discipline Contract.”… But then part of the response to Driscoll also needs to be to remind him that the invitation to grace stands waiting for him as well — that forgiveness, even for him, is necessary and available and possible and within reach.”

Wenatchee the Hatchet has a long, and solid, reflection on the matter (and his time at Mars Hill Church).

A former member of Mars Hill reflects on his experience (and it isn’t positive, FYI).

On to other subjects:

Professor Ben Witherington – who tragically lost his daughter to a pulmonary embolism – reflects on the goodness of God and what not to say to those who grieve the loss of a loved one.

Terry Enns discusses what makes a heart hard.

R.W. Schambach: 1926-2012.

Aaron Armstrong on what kills a ministry faster than anything else.

Jim Elliff on when pastors aren’t able to pastor.

Jonathan Fitzgerald: “In 2012, there is no explicitly evangelical candidate where, just four short years ago, Republicans chose John McCain, whose evangelical street-cred was bolstered by his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate, and gave second billing to Mike Huckabee, an evangelical pastor.

Joe Carter, Ted Kluck and Matt Morin debate whether “cage fighting” – known generally as mixed martial arts – is ethical for Christians.

Michael Clawson’s paper on neo-fundamentalism within American evangelicalism was posted on Roger Olson’s blog.

David Fitch asks if the “neo-Reformed” are Reformed or Puritan and if that even matters.

David Sessions riffs on Doug Wilson’s review of Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book Real Marriage (caution: mild language, and discussion of a specific sexual practice as addressed in the book and by Wilson).

Rachel Held Evans on why she’s not discouraged by Mark Driscoll’s popularity.

Crazy religions.

A quite different (and very satirical) church discipline contract.

Wade Burleson: Authoritarianism is the problem.

Tony McCollum on the slow fade.

Michelle DeRusha on a hard heart.

Dan Edelen’s dream. He also asks if the organic house church is a myth.

Sale cereal.

Ryan Couch on qualifications for elders.

Matt Redmond: House of truth, heart of kindness.

Terry Enns on Jesus and nowhere to lay His head.

Al Mohler on why the abortion issue won’t go away.

Justin Taylor links to a short video by David Powlison on healing after an abortion.

Wartburg Watch on Acts29 and a Haiti-based missionary organization.

Christianity Today interviews with Michael W. Smith and Bruce Cockburn.

Fred Clark on creationism.

Jamie Wright says every woman is called to minister.

Russell Moore: “(Carl) Henry, then a young rising star in the Christian firmament, issued a jarring manifesto calling for a theologically-informed and socially-engaged evangelicalism. Henry warned that American Christianity, on the Right and on the Left, was headed for irrelevance, toward being the equivalent of a wilderness cult. His agenda wasn’t simply an updating of style and presentation (although he had written a book on church publicity). The issues at root were about misguided views on the kingdom of God. He was right. And he still is.

More from Scot McKnight on the Hebrews warning passages.

Michael Patton on when God does not show up.

A series by Jeremy Myers on the tithe.

Book reviews: Thabiti Anyabwile’s Keep Your Head Up and Ed and Lisa Young’s Sexperiment.

Phil Naessens interviews a Christian hip-hop artist about the Christian hip-hop scene.

Aaron Armstrong: Your work is your calling.

Stephen Altrogge on the battle you will fight every day.

Matt Dabbs on growing old and bearing fruit.

Bob Kellemen’s series on the pastoral care ministry of Martin Luther.

Adrian Warnock on church as refuge.

Carlos Whitaker on how to use social media for effective and authentic conversation.

Christian Piatt says he continues to fail the poor.

Russell Moore responds to a woman who questions whether she should marry a guy who struggles with p0rn.

A Covenant Eyes interview about what parents should do when they catch their kids looking at p0rn.

Randy Rudder on the future of faith-based films.

Why Jo Hilder doesn’t mind a little bit of religion.

Part two of Matt Johnston’s interview with Tullian Tchividjian.

Father Ernesto Obregon’s story illustrating why it’s not a good idea to lock a cat inside your suitcase 🙂

Tony Campolo’s reflections on the Arab Spring and the persecution of Christians.

Bobby Gilles interviews Austin Stone worship leader Aaron Ivey.

Tim Challies on mutual submission in marriage.

A brand-new Presbyterian denomination (HT). (John Ortberg is associated with this denom)

Don Miller on embracing the sweet, brutal reality of life.

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