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Linkathon 2/1: part 2

Eddie Long is The a Kking! 🙄

The Stranger alt-weekly in Seattle published a story about Mars Hill Church, focusing on another former member and his experience with church discipline (HT).

Wartburg Watch posted on how to leave a “Mark Driscoll-like church”.

Skye Jethani: “Books and blogs are filled with recommendations about how to reverse the exodus of young adults, and I have no silver bullet solution to offer here. But I do want to explore one area I believe many churches have overlooked- vocation.

Ben Irwin’s open letter to friends in the pro-life movement.

Bobby Gilles asks if the contemporary worship music industry can be trusted.

Rachel Held Evans reviews Peter Enns’ book The Evolution of Adam.

More fun from the Elephant Room: James MacDonald defends, Phil Johnson responds, and Kevin DeYoung and Justin Taylor comment.

Thabiti Anyabwile: “if you’re from outside the African-American community, think very long, hard, and carefully about ever calling some African Americans to take your position in defense against other African Americans.  It’s disastrous for everyone, and, frankly, you won’t begin to pay the deeper costs over the longer period that your African American friend will.” (HT to Frank Turk at the Phil Johnson Pyromaniacs link posted above).

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