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Linkathon 3/28

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Anthony Bradley will moderate a discussion between John Piper and Tim Keller tonight regarding the gospel and race. This will be live-streamed.

Fred Clark, Elizabeth Rawlings and Joshua Witchger comment on the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Matt Redmond’s first two blog posts (part 1, part 2) on why the abuse of authority at Mars Hill Church matters.

Albert Mohler recently interviewed former President Jimmy Carter.

Rachel Stone responds to Kathy Keller and argues that Christians can raise kids anywhere.

Amy Simpson on what Jason Russell’s mental breakdown tells us about ourselves.

Todd Hertz reviews the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Zach Hunt: “Once again, I do not say all of this to imply that the Bible doesn’t contain “answers” to the questions we have in life. However, we must be extremely careful in how we glean those answers, for more often than not I am afraid those “answers” tend to be our own creation, rather than the voice of God.

Chaplain Mike Mercer has found an oasis in the mainline church.

Four reasons why Christian Piatt came back to church.

Ian Ebright on the thing that’s higher than the creationism/evolution debate.

Randall Rauser’s dialogue on creation and evolution.

Karl Giberson on Richard Dawkins.

Linkathon 3/21, part 1

March 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Former Mars Hill Church elder Paul Petry’s new blog, Joyful Exiles, was posted just a few days ago but has already brought out some reaction in the blogosphere.

While neither Mars Hill itself nor Mars Hill-sympathetic churches/bloggers have yet to respond, others have:

Bob Hyatt

Bill Kinnon

Matt Redmond


Wartburg Watch

Ben Irwin

Howell Scott (HT Wartburg Watch)

Wenatchee the Hatchet: “If it were possible to set up a single post that could be used as a “one stop shopping place” to find everything that I, the Alsups, or the Petrys (of late) have publicly discussed about Mars Hill past and present this is a candidate.  I’ve been trying to compile not just what we have separately written but to also compile public statements by MH as an institution and individuals.

Kip’s story from the Mars Hill Refuge blog.

Rachel Held Evans’ 15 reasons she left church and returned to the Church.

Rachel Held Evans spoke at Fuller Seminary.

Karen Spears Zacharias on the conundrum of compassion.

Dan Edelen on when Christian celebrities crash and burn.

Matthew Barrett and Michael A.G. Haykin review N.T. Wright’s When God Became King.

Ben Burleson takes a look at Lent.

A church history reading list from a Catholic perspective.

Frank Viola on the coming revival.

Don Bryant on the reformed as Luddites.

Mike Cosper on social networking and the discipline of secrecy.

Mike Horton on what is antinomianism and antinomianism in church history.

Understanding complementarianism according to Don Carson and Bob Yarbrough.

For “new Calvinists” (and anyone else who’s interested): nine lessons from the life of Charles Hodge.

Al Mohler’s 2012 book recommendations for preachers, via Tim Challies.

Finally: last week I linked to a post by a Southeastern Seminary student, William Birch. Mr. Birch was recently charged with sexual assault (more information here and here). I will remove the link to that particular post, and other posts of his I may have linked to.

This isn’t because I think Mr. Birch has now become unredeemable, or unforgivable; though what he did is sad and reprehensible, if what he did cannot be forgiven by Jesus and covered by His blood…none of our sins can be. This isn’t a statement of excusing his or our sin, it’s a statement of the incredible, undeserved mercy of God.

Still, there are consequences to our sin on this earth, and Mr. Birch certainly will have to deal with the consequences of his. Here, I’m removing the links to assure readers that a) I’m aware of the circumstances b) I’m not overlooking them by keeping the links up c) I don’t want to present a ‘stumbling block’ to anyone who might come here and see those links.

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Linkathon 3/15, part 2

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Linkathon 3/14, part 1

March 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Dan Edelen on grown-cold love.

Two reviews of the movie adaptation of Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, from Tiffany Owens and Mike Cosper.

Via Boing Boing, here’s a tale of a really bad idea at South by Southwest: using homeless people as portable hotspots.

Randal Rauser asks if the church is meant to be “a place for you”.

Tony Jones on the Christian evasion of popular culture.

The Burner Blog asks why churches and seminaries fail.

Andrew Peterson reflects on what he learned from Steven Curtis Chapman.

Jonathan Martin on the Pentecostal elephant in the middle of the room.

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Linkathon 3/7, part 2

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

For those of you who followed the tornadoes that wreaked destruction on portions of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky this past weekend, here’s a story about a southern Indiana family who survived the onslaught.

John Piper had something to say about the tornadoes. Chaplain Mike Mercer had something to say about what Piper said.

John Fea on Bruce Springsteen’s spiritual vision for America.

David VanDrunen reviews Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel.

Denny Burk posted the video of Mark and Grace Driscoll’s appearance on The View.

Remember Thief in the Night? Dean A. Anderson does.

Mars Hill Refuge posts commentary from an anonymous former Mars Hill Church leader on the church’s call to reconciliation.

Southeastern Seminary professor Kenneth Keatley posts his concerns with BioLogos teaching on creation/evolution, part 1 and part 2.

Tim Keller on creation, evolution and Christian laypeople, part 1 and part 2.

Fuller Seminary’s Burner blog with summaries of two recent Eugene Peterson interviews, on prayer and simplicity.

Ben Irwin says handle Leviticus with care.

Crossway Books’ blog posted a portion of Greg Forster’s book The Joy of Calvinism, titled Where TULIP Goes Wrong.

Michael D. Bobo: “Losing gracefully, patiently and faithfully is a necessary experience for the Church.

Phil Johnson on how to tell if your repentance is deep enough (HT).

Are you ready for the combination of Doritos and Taco Bell???

A book review I recently wrote for the Alternate History Weekly Blog.

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Linkathon 3/7, part 1

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