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Linkathon 3/28

March 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Anthony Bradley will moderate a discussion between John Piper and Tim Keller tonight regarding the gospel and race. This will be live-streamed.

Fred Clark, Elizabeth Rawlings and Joshua Witchger comment on the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Matt Redmond’s first two blog posts (part 1, part 2) on why the abuse of authority at Mars Hill Church matters.

Albert Mohler recently interviewed former President Jimmy Carter.

Rachel Stone responds to Kathy Keller and argues that Christians can raise kids anywhere.

Amy Simpson on what Jason Russell’s mental breakdown tells us about ourselves.

Todd Hertz reviews the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Zach Hunt: “Once again, I do not say all of this to imply that the Bible doesn’t contain “answers” to the questions we have in life. However, we must be extremely careful in how we glean those answers, for more often than not I am afraid those “answers” tend to be our own creation, rather than the voice of God.

Chaplain Mike Mercer has found an oasis in the mainline church.

Four reasons why Christian Piatt came back to church.

Ian Ebright on the thing that’s higher than the creationism/evolution debate.

Randall Rauser’s dialogue on creation and evolution.

Karl Giberson on Richard Dawkins.


Linkathon 3/15, part 2

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Linkathon 9/22-23, part 2

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Presented without comment. (Image comes from Matthew Paul Turner’s blog and the HT also goes to Matt)

A couple of other items of note from Matt Turner’s blog: part 1 and part 2 of a series a television station is doing on Teen Mania!, and part 1 of a series by someone who no longer goes to church.

Mike DeLong on James White’s appearance at Calvary Santa Fe.

Brad Lomenick: It’s not about you.

Todd Rhoades on the Eddie Long scandal.

Is this how Moses actually parted the Red Sea?

Why unborn humans are as valuable as adult humans.

William Black on heaven.

An update from Matt Chandler.

The history of Mars Hill Seattle.

Chris Tomlinson on why he loved Fireproof.

Ed Stetzer on religion losing its influence.

Dan Wallace on Halloween being a missed opportunity for evangelicals.

Todd Hiestand’s 10 thoughts/suggestions on bivocational ministry.