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Linkathon 9/21, part 1

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Linkathon 9/15

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For some reason, I felt strongly that I was to include this here: a report from NPR on a Los Angeles woman who traded gang life for family life.

I wanted to include Justin Taylor’s responses to Rachel Held Evans’s readers’ questions about Calvinism and Taylor promoting the article on his blog. The Q&A is innocuous enough, and the comments on the Q&A thread are the typical debates over Calvinism/Reformed theology. The comments on Taylor’s blog are noteworthy. Some of the readers went after Evans, one even questioning her salvation, and parts of that comment thread were, perhaps, indicative of religion at its worst.

I also wanted to include Taylor’s post on his blog on how Calvinists need to be nicer; and TonyP’s post on Christians fighting. These two have no connection to the previous two posts, but I thought they were relevant in light of endless debates over Calvinism and how poorly Evans was treated by some of Taylor’s readers.

Darryl Dash: “All around me I see pastors and authors who admit their struggles after they’ve resolved them. I still don’t see a lot of people who are okay with not being okay. I suppose we’re okay with weakness as a theory, but we’re not so comfortable with weakness as a way of life.”

Bryon Mondok says Britt Merrick has the “most lucid and balanced message on spiritual warfare” he has ever heard.

Charisma’s report on the Greg Laurie Los Angeles crusade.

Another NPR report, this one on the ever-loved and lovable Wal-Mart. Pure Americana 🙂

Fifteen definitions of Biblical counseling. How many of these involve getting yelled at at some point?

Lee Grady says Christianity is all about relationships.

If anybody can tell me what on earth Carl Trueman is talking about, please do.

Mike DeLong heard Tullian Tchividijan on the White Horse Inn.

Martin Yee on preaching the gospel to ourselves, via Mockingbird.

Russell Moore layeth the smacketh down on Pat Robertson.

More from Dan Phillips on Henry Blackaby’s views on God’s will.

Perry Noble’s signs you’re close to burnout.

Jon Acuff on figuring out if a business is Christian.

John Hendryx on people who say they don’t want doctrine, just more of Jesus.

Tim Brister’s thoughts on sermon manuscripts.

Scot McKnight on church as country club.

David Zahl on Glen Campbell (who recently was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s).

Donald Miller asks if the church should be led by teachers and scholars.

A church in wartime.

What Perry Noble says to Christians dealing with sexual immorality.

In case you can’t get enough of Pastor Mark:mrgreen:

How to be used for God’s glory.

Rachel Held Evans says complementarians are selective, too.

Dan Edelen says fear is the ruination of the American church.

Dan Phillips critiques Henry Blackaby’s view of God’s will.

Jamin Hubner tells us what science is.

Why Matt Redmond resigned his pastorate.

Brendt Waters tells us the truth isn’t loving.

Why Rick McKinley has hope for the church.

Ask TonyP how to play kick ball 😉

Some people consider wi-fi to be their oppressor, not their friend.

Scott Williams asks what happened to the ‘good guy’ pastors.

One church’s list of recommended books for its members – very Acts29/Reformedish 🙂

John Starke’s recommended list of seminary classes available on the internet.

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Linkathon 9/6

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