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Linkathon 2/8, part 1

Bishop Eddie Long and Rabbi Ralph Messer have apologized for their part in a ceremony in which Long was declared “king” and wrapped in a torah.

Apparently, the rabbi has done this before: with Paula White.

Slate writer Alexis Grant reflects on her visits to Houston’s Lakewood Church. (HT)

J. Lee Grady asks, ‘please stop the Holy Ghost smackdown’.

Amy Julia Becker reviews Amos Yong’s The Bible, Disability, and The Church.

Noel Heikkinen with the first review (I’ve seen) of Steve Brown’s new book Three Free Sins.

Krish Kandiah reviews Stephen Khurt’s book Tom Wright for Everybody.

Thom Hunter on struggle, sin, church discipline and spiritual abuse.

Chaplain Mike Mercer’s thoughts on church discipline and relational wisdom.

Jared Wilson on leading and following in a church covenant.

Paul Pastor on The Elephant Room.

A woman got a replacement for her infected jaw from a 3-D printer.

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